Petrol service

From Smart Boats Mallorca we offer the possibility to return the boat without it being refulled. This service is destined for those who do not wish to lose time at the petrol station which sometimes can be very long due to the long queues, specially in July and August. We offer two options:

Option Full/No Full

Pay the amount shown below the day of the charter:

Four Winns 260300€
Zar Formenti 75200€
Medline III200€
Invictus FX 190120€
V.2 Boat100€
AB Marine (Es dulce)20€
AB Marine (Taida II)20€

Downpayment for fuel

Pay in advance the day of the rental the amount shown below so our Smart Boats Mallorca team can refuel the boat, The boat will be refulled the next day in the morning and you will be able to pick up the change (receipt will be available) at the same place where you picked up the boat. This is a complimentary service:

BoatsRetained amount
Four Winns 260350€
Zar Formenti 75250€
Medline III250€
Invictus FX 190170€
V.2 Boat150€